Dharamshala Mayor Election 2023 Mahapaur and Up-Mahapaur Elections

Dharamshala Mayor Election

Political Dynamics in Dharamshala: The Challenge for BJP in Mahapaur and Up-Mahapaur Elections

Dharamshala Mayor Election – The upcoming elections for the position of Mahapaur (Mayor) and Up-Mahapaur (Deputy Mayor) in the Dharamshala Municipal Corporation pose a significant challenge for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as they strive to maintain their stronghold in the city.

In the previous municipal elections, the BJP secured a majority and successfully secured the positions of Mahapaur and Up-Mahapaur. However, this time, due to changes in regulations, the election dynamics have shifted, presenting a new set of challenges.

Dharamshala Mayor Election Shifting Regulations and Election Dynamics

The elections for Mahapaur and Up-Mahapaur are taking place after a gap of two and a half years, following the regulatory schedule. In this election, there is concern regarding the possibility of cross-voting, particularly since the position of Mahapaur is now open for both male and female candidates.

The Dharamshala Municipal Corporation comprises 17 wards, and this time, the position of Mahapaur is open to women candidates. This shift adds a new layer of complexity to the election, making it a matter of great interest and anticipation.

Political Landscape and Support Base
Currently, the BJP has the support of 10 councilors, while the Congress has the support of seven. The BJP enjoys the backing of seven female councilors, and the Congress has five. Additionally, there are three male BJP councilors and two male Congress councilors. The competition for the Mahapaur position has ignited enthusiasm among the female councilors.

The race for the Mahapaur position is expected to witness strategic alliances and negotiations, particularly among the female councilors from both parties. Efforts are being made by both BJP and Congress-supported councilors to forge alliances and ensure that their respective candidates are elected to the position.

The Contest for Mahapaur and Up-Mahapaur
The race for the Mahapaur position is in full swing, with both BJP and Congress identifying potential candidates. For the BJP, Tejendra Kaur, Santosh Sharma, Rekha Devi, Monika Pathania, and Rajkumari are being considered as potential candidates. Tejendra Kaur’s extensive experience puts her in a strong position within the BJP.

On the other hand, the Congress is exploring options like Rajni Vyas, Savita Karki, and Neenu Sharma, who have been active and influential in local politics. The competition for Up-Mahapaur is also intense, with candidates from both parties vying for the position.